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Shocks and Struts

Shocks and StrutsIn their simplest form, coil springs are there to maintain the cars ride height and provide flexibility for uneven roads.  More advanced explanations involve spring rates (stiffness) and progressive rate (varying stiffness based on where the spring compresses and its intended use), we will keep things simple because really, you only need to know when to replace them, not how to modify a race car.

The Shock Absorber provides resistance to the coil springs to prevent bounce back (when your car wont stop bouncing). Typically shocks use oil and its thickness to provide this resistance, this oil is contain inside your shock or strut, this oil requires seals to prevent leakage and to provide an air tight reservoir.  Over time, these seals can wear causing leaks, loss of oil result in loss of resistance, causing excessive bounce (no or little resistance).

Struts are basically a self contained Coil, Shock and sometimes control arm assembly all in one unit.  Although shocks and strut assembly's accomplish the same goals, replacing these and inspecting these take specific knowledge and examination.  Catching these parts before they are worn out will save money by eliminating over worked related components.  Example:  If the shock is worn and excessive bounce occurs, this bounce (access movement) will over work the related assemblies, effectively wearing out the other parts, even the tires will be affected and cupping and uneven tread wear can result.

The best way to determine the condition of your Shocks/Struts is to examine them up in the air on a lift, looking for oil leaks and other worn parts.

As standard practice during Alignments and Oil changes, we can visually inspect these to check for obvious signs of wear.  Replacing these items on your terms is better than waiting for something to break and disrupting your daily schedule.  Maintaining you car can be predictable and scheduled.  Break downs always seem to happen at the worst possible time, a good maintenance program will help you keep things in order and control the overall condition of you car.  It also saves money…

Shocks and Struts Inspection and Replacement.