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Major Mechanicals, Engine Replacement, Transmission Replacement, Engine Modifications.

Major mechanicals are sometimes needed when the service life of a major component has reached the end of its cost effective life span, in other words; “Its just worn past its replacement cost”.  In cases like these replacing the item is more cost effective than repairing it.

Engine replacements, transmission replacements, rear differential, front differentials (4x4 vehicles, cars and trucks).

Replacing an engine can be a complicated procedure but, with proper preparation, skill and experience, it can breath new life into an older model car and we all know with the cost of replacing a car these days, sometimes replacing the motor is the right choice.

Sometimes customers (car enthusiasts), will choose to modify their car, faster, lower, sportier and just more fun.  This can bring the new feeling back into a tired car, making a car unique by reflecting ones personality through modifications is another way to give you that new car feeling without actually buying a new car.  Modifying is a cost effective way to extend the life and the enjoyment of your car.

The important thing to remember is:  at Ten Ten Auto, we understand, are experienced and will advise you in whatever direction you want to take your repair.  Maybe its an upgrade to a replacement part, you need rotors anyway, may as well to Power Slots Right?

Custom Builds, Repair Custom Builds, Maintain Custom Builds