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How to turn off my check engine light, checking my engine light in Apex, checking my engine?

All good questions and engine diagnostics is one of many of our services.

Our factory-trained technicians are here to provide these basic services.

What Does the Check Engine Light Do?

Today’s modern engines are computer controlled, sensors monitor and adjust engines timing, fuel and air ratio, acceleration, transmission shifting points, normal idle, hot idle and cold idle. Of course there are hundreds of other adjustment the computer makes to your car when driving, but these are the most relevant.

Overview of your vehicle's sensory components

Mass airflow sensor, Throttle position sensor, Manifold, Absolute pressure sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, Exhaust oxygen sensor (O2 Sensor), Crankshaft position sensor, Camshaft position sensor and many others…

So why does the light come on?

If any one of the sensors fail or begin to fail, the cars computer will warn you, it uses the Check Engine light to tell you something is wrong or something is going wrong.

How come the car is running fine?

Some sensors are measuring items that wont effect how an engine runs, example:  Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor) measures hydrocarbons (the residue of the burning fuel or the lack thereof), the more Hydrocarbons in the exhaust, the less efficient the burn was or too much fuel was introduced to burn said fuel or also called (Rich Mixture).  The O2 sensor will adjust the fuel mixture based on what the O2 Sensor reads.  If this sensor fails, the computer will set the mixture Rich automatically so the car can still be driven.  The Check Engine Light comes on to let you know there is a problem, although the car drives fine, the additional hydrocarbons (Rich Mixture) can over work your catalytic converter, injectors, timing and a group of other sensors designed to adjust.

Checking the engine with a computer

There was a time a good mechanic could simply listen to an engine and diagnose a problem and for obvious part fails, this still holds true.  But to catch a problem early and avoid related damage with today’s computer controlled cars, it requires diagnostic equipment that can speak to and understand what the Check Engine light is telling you about your car.

Do you guys have the necessary equipment?

Yes, fortunately we have all the necessary computer controlled diagnostic equipment to read your check engine warning light, make the repair recommendations and get your car back to running the way it was deigned.

With the price of Gas going up by the week, fixing your check engine light and the related problems will pay for itself in MPG saved.

Stop by the shop the next time your “Check Engine” light comes on, lets get it diagnosed and plan your repair.  Keep your engine running efficiently and keeping your gas mileage where it belongs.

Check engine light diagnostics and repair.