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Replacing/ MBelt Replacmentaintaining Belts and Hoses

Heat and constant pressure contribute to belt wear, not to mention the amount of flex and friction.

Yes your cars driver handbook will contain your belt maintenance schedule, but some people don't read their book.  That’s why we have records, stop by and we will reference your year make and Model and check your belts and hoses.

Drive Belts Include Serpentine Belt

Drive belts power many of your cars critical accessories, there was a time each accessory had its own belt, if that belt broke, you only lost that one accessory, today's serpentine belts power all of the accessories, making that belt more critical.  If that belt breaks, you loose everything.

Timing Belt ReplacmentTiming Belts

Timing belt repair is misleading, there are not repair options for belt, particularly the critical timing belt.  

Timing belts provide critical valve timing and are used to rotate the cam shaft.  The rule of thumb here is “when it doubt, throw it out”.  If you cant verify the last time your timing belt was replaced, you will save money if you bite the bullet and replace it.  The cost to repair an engine after a belt break can be in the thousands of dollars.


The hoses that carry your car's fluids are made of two rubber layers with a layer of fabric in between. Typical hoses include:

Belts and Hoses replaced and inspected for wear.