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Cooling System Maintenance

What Our ASE Certified Technicians Do:  

Components are inspected. Their condition is recorded and compared to manufacturer's specs. Recommendations are made based on condition/ service manual:

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Visual Inspection

Heating and Air Conditioning Tests

Sometimes a sweet smell when driving your car is a sign you have a leak, leaks aren't always a puddle on the ground, sometimes a seeping hose (loose clamp) at the end can cause a leak.

A common problem with older cars is the heater core, typically located on the interior, passenger side and serves as the heater.  This smaller radiator circulates engine coolant and is heated by the cars engine, this is the heat used for climate control inside the car.  These can also leak, just enough to cause the sweet order.

Pressure testing is the most accurate way to check for leaks or weak hoses, we actually pump air into the system to pressurize it, if you have a leak or a weak hose (weak hoses over expand during this process) you can bet we will find it when the system is under pressure, similar pressure that occurs when driving the car and its at operating temperature.

Always best to have us inspect the cooling system as part of regular maintenance, cheaper to replace a hose than a head gasket or worse, the entire motor.

Cooling and heating system inspection, repair or replacement.